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Activation Phrases

"Alexa, Open My E. T. A. and tell me the list of my destinations"
"Alexa, Ask My E. T. A. for the time to drive to destination number one"
"Alexa, Ask My E. T. A. to tell me the time to drive to LAX when leaving in ...


My ETA skill is your interface for obtaining high accuracy drive-time in current traffic or any future departure time for your defined destinations.

Please visit to setup your Location Profile.
1) Register to the My ETA via
2) Specify your home location under Location Profile Setup tab.
3) Create custom destinations such as airports, schools, your work.
4) Submit the location form to enable your location profile within Alexa’s My ETA skill.
5) Link My ETA skill to your account created in step 1, with your Alexa app.

Once these steps are completed, you are now ready to use My ETA skill.

Main Features:
-> The ETA for a destination name as defined as your Friendly Name within
“What is the ETA for going to Work”
-> The ETA for a destination number from your predefined list via
“What is the time to drive to destination number one”
-> The ETA for a destination name with a future departure time.
“What is the time to drive to ORD when leaving in 1 hour”
“What is the time to drive to destination 2 when leaving in 4 hours”
-> The list of your destinations.
“What are my destinations”

The Airport preset button defines the airport’s Friendly Name as the 3 letters airport code. Feel free to change this default value to any name of your choice.

Support for nearby airports via preset, define custom destinations.
Support for predictive traffic – future departure – dashboard: real-time traffic updated every 3min.

email su[email protected] for any issues, requests or questions.


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